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CarMew in CeBIT 2017 — Make information transfer simple and more efficient

CeBIT 2017 was held at 20th-24th March, Hannover German, it is the largest show at ICT industry. For Itonology, this is our second time attend this grand global meeting. Itonology expand its booth area this year, it was the double of the first show at 2016. As the leading brand in intelligent internet terminal field, Itonology present on CeBIT, with latest products and solutions for LTE intelligent routers, LTE vehicle-mounted intelligent terminal and Cloud service platform.


Itonology is a hi-tech company dedicate in R&D, manufacture and application of Internet of Intelligence, launched many items of LTE intelligent routers, LTE vehicle-mounted intelligent terminal and cloud service platform under CarMew brand.


As the hot product, CarMew H8 draws a lot attention on the show, it features an excellent operating system Mew OS, which is a vehicle-mounted intelligent operating system customized and improved based on Android. It is simple but powerful. The exquisite interface, super-large touch screen, equipped with redesigned cloud mirror navigation application, automobile data recorder, ADAS driver assistant system, complete network radio station resources, seamless call transfer and precise voice recognition.


CarMew C1 provides cars with high-speed Internet access, near field FM music play, WIFI hotpot sharing, automobile data recorder, USB interface charging.


CarMew X10 Pocket Wi-Fi stands out among other plain Wireless devices, with an obvious upgrade overall on appearance as well as function.


Compared with the first show on CeBIT 2016, this time, CarMew displayed the leading technology apply in H8- the latest Intelligent vehicle-mounted device. Mr. Junjie Ma, the CEO And founder of Itonology, says,“ I believe at the near future, CarMew will be popular all over the world. We will fulfill our expectation that connect the terminal and the human being, to generate a new world with easier and higher-efficiency information transmission. ”

According to the data from Ifenxi.com, along with the development of vehicle technology, the Telematics technology tend to be popularized. Since some global vehicle manufacture launch the vehicle-mounted device with intelligent navigation and remote assistant function, China vehicle manufacture start research on the Telematics technology. It is estimated that by 2020, the popularization will reach 20%, that is to say, there will be 100,000,000,000 users in the Telematics market.

At future, CarMew will keep boosting this wireless telecommunication field, towards the direction of steady, easy and intelligent, to provide a better experience on Internet communication, with more innovations. Also, CarMew will lay more emphasis on the vehicle-mounted Internet of Intelligent field, set the CarMew as the intelligent core terminal to control the mobile networking, leading the whole industry move forward rapidly.

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